We aim to offer you the best, affordable and most well-suited room you could hope for. When living in one of our HMO properties you do not simply just get a room, you also get a home. All of our rooms  come fully furnished.

Whether you are looking for a house which you can socialise in or a house where you can keep your head down & work, we have properties which will fill your needs.

We make sure that all of our properties are up to a very high standard to ensure our tenants have the best possible stay. 


Are you fed up of day to day Landlord responsibilities such as leaking taps, clogged toilets, lost keys etc. If so… why not just find the perfect tenant who manages it all themselves? Not that easy right?

Well here at Leaf relocation we are in complete control of your property so you do not need to worry about a leaking tap ever again. All tenant issues are down to us

We also find & reference check all our professional tenants. Depending on which area your property is in, we usually have companies we work with in the area which enables us to fill your property quickly.

Regardless how quickly we fill your property you still get your agreed rent each month.


The relationship we have with agents is a relationship like no other. Our main goal is to find properties from landlords who are looking for long term tenants. Why we work so well together is purely for the fact how we are the complete opposite.

Letting agents have lots of properties that they are trying to rent out & we are always looking for more properties to take on for our professional tenants. We will take on properties under a company let agreement & then work with local companies in the area to house their employees.