We provide one of the most hands off forms of property management. Whether you are a new Landlord looking for a hands off investment or whether you are a experienced Landlord fed up of running your own property. We can help achieve your goals.


The offer we put forward is the offer you will receive each month, regardless whether the property is tenanted or not. This means you do not need to worry about void periods.


We have a team of highly skilled tradesmen in place which will resolve all maintenance issues within 24 hours. We cover the costs of all minor problems.


You will not receive any calls or be disturbed by any tenants. All issues will be put forward to us enabling you to have stress free, cash flowing properties.

Relax and Chill

With peace of mind you can relax and do more of the things you love

Light Refurbishment

We can add value to your property if we believe that a little cosmetic work such as a paint job or new carpets will help us achieve a better rental income then we are more than willing to do so.

Property Cared For

We look after your property as if it was our own including regular inspections


Are you fed up of day to day Landlord responsibilities such as leaking taps, clogged toilets, lost keys etc. If so… why not just find the perfect tenant who manages it all themselves? Not that easy right?


Well here at Leaf relocation we are in complete control of your property so you do not need to worry about a leaking tap ever again. All tenant issues are down to us


We also find & reference check all our professional tenants. Depending on which area your property is in, we usually have companies we work with in the area which enables us to fill your property quickly.



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