We have built such a great relationship with agents over the years due to the fact how we benefit each other so well. 

we save you

Once you know the type of property we are looking for, you will not need to advertise else where. Any property which suits are criteria we will take on.

you still receive your fee

You still have your agreement with the Landlord which means you still receive your management fee each month, whilst using little / none of your own time managing the property.

you don't need to find tenants

Once we are your tenant for the property you will not need to worry about any void periods. Once we are in, we will be in for the whole duration of our contact.


The relationship we have with agents is a relationship like no other. Our main goal is to find properties from landlords who are looking for long term tenants. Why we work so well together is purely for the fact how we are the complete opposite.

Letting agents have lots of properties that they are trying to rent out & we are always looking for more properties to take on for our professional tenants. We will take on properties under a company let agreement & then work with local companies in the area to house their employees.

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